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"Perhaps the greatest gift we can offer is being open to being altered through enjoying the living shit out of each other…" - Guy Sengstock (Founder of Circling)

Circling Training is our 5-week fundamentals based training for the practice of Circling.

Upcoming Dates: Winter 2019

We invite you to join us for a 5-week fundamentals-based Circling Training.

In this course you will learn the basics of how to facilitate a traditional "Birthday" style Circle. You’ll be introduced to the underlying principles that the practice builds on as well as learn the processes involved in setting up and holding a container for 'safe' Circling.

In between each live session there will be partner work where you can practice and further build on your Circling skills. During live sessions, along with group instruction and training, you'll also get direct feedback and coaching while you're Circling.

At the completion of the course, there will be opportunities to do a certification Circle and if successful, opportunities to lead and co-lead Circles at future ART circling events. Of course, this path is not a requirement to take the course, Circling as a practice is an extremely valuable life skill even removed from the container of a Circling event.

We want to make the course accessible, and experiences with ART, or other Authentic Relating communities and practices is an asset. But not required.

The course will involve three daylong sessions and two 3hr sessions in between the daylongs.


"The best way to help [us] grasp the power of integration is through immersion in direct experience." - Dr. Dan Siegel

The ART-ful Facilitation Immersion is a weekend of open hearted interpersonal connection combined with edgy opportunities to show up in group facilitation.

These weekends are for anyone who enjoys practicing authenticity in service of more genuine and rich connections. And while there is no obligation for you to facilitate anything, this weekend is also for those who might be interested in facilitating at an ART Community Connection Lab, or perhaps you just want an opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to facilitate for a group or sharpen your pre-existing facilitation skills in a different container. Facilitation and leadership skills and experience gained in an authentic relating container has benefits across the entire spectrum of life and contexts. One could even consider the weekend as fun professional development!

And for those less interested in being the centre of attention for a period of time, the weekend is structured such that it can be very rewarding as a pure-participant. A great way to think of this immersion is much less like a workshop and more like a playshop. There are no presentations and while you might want to bring your notebook, no-one has to write anything down.

Upcoming Dates: September 20th-22nd, 2019 (Register on
Corporate Team-Building & Leadership Training

Utilizing our many years of proven transformative relational leadership practices spanning over 200 events/workshops/training courses, EDC can provide your organization with the experience and tools needed to make your team(s) communicate better and work more effectively.

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