Authentic Relating Toronto - Changing the world one connection at a time.

"You are most lovable when you are transparent."
-Susan Campbell

How often do you say what you really mean? Do you have the experience of being seen as much as you'd like?

Come enjoy an evening (or, sometimes afternoon) with us as we engage in a variety of experiments that involve exploring someone else's world and speaking your truth. Connect with like-minded men and women interested in having fun with curiosity, self-discovery, and saying what we actually mean.

Our intention is to create a space where can feel at ease in this sometimes foreign territory. You will be invited to explore the edges of what you think you can possibly know about yourself, others, and what is possible in relating. Of course, you won't have to do/say anything you don't want to. Remember-like in yoga-stretch, don't tear.

This is a form of conscious nightlife, rather than a workshop. Come ready to have fun and experiment, and always honour yourself.

Things you can expect:
  • Joy/Laughter (because it's often quite fun)
  • Nervous (because, hey, it's new)
  • Exhileration/Relief (because exercising our authenticity can be very exciting!)
  • Connection & Love (because we're all there to connect, to see and be seen just as we are)
  • Insight/Expansion (because the context is often to play along the edge of our comfort zone)
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