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"Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them." - Dr. Dan Siegel

Core is our 6-week series practice space diving participants further into the experiences of Circling, Authentic Relating Games and T-Group.

Upcoming Dates: Fall 2018

AR is effectively a group of relational practices (often in the form of 'games' or 'experiments') where the intention of each is in service of strengthening our relational muscles around the CORE AR concepts.

Before getting into the concepts, it's probably better to address why we think this work is important. First off we'd caution that we could easily expound on the theory with many examples of how central to our being and our society we believe this work to be. But really what it's about is raising consciousness and awareness such that we can feel more centred and grounded in who we are: to gain clarity and acceptance of ourselves so that we may heal and grow.

A principle belief we hold is that growing our capcity is best done in relationship (any kind, from stranger to family). So we gather in a space with others and create a container that serves for us to engage, because no matter how much self-work or therapy we may have done, it's in relationship that we are best reflected and in relationship our patterns emerge and in relationship we must grow to do relationship better.

So what are the Core concepts that we work on and practice to help us do relationship better?
  • Honor yourself
  • Own our experience. Such that we gain greater awareness to it, and such that we communicate in a way that retains our power and minimizes 'hidden' violence through impact.
  • Stay in connection, with yourself primarily, then with other and what's between you and the other.
  • Extend Regard, by endeavouring to find the truth in all perspectives, whether we agree or understand. This leads to an intention of accepting others where they are without any requirement they be different.

Exercising these concepts accumulates into an intersubjective meditation practice called 'Circling'. Talking about Circling again could span thousands of words, but in short, it's part group conversation, part meditation and part art-form. It's a practice where we try to get other's worlds. Get what it's like to be them, in the present moment. One of the richest practices of human connection there is, is not only feeling understood but accepted for who we are. Circling gives us access to this experience.

So why a 6-Week series?
ART offers up many one-off work/playshop type events on a monthly basis where we play Relating Games, T-Group or focus on an intersubjective meditative practice called "Circling". These events are great introductions to AR and places where you can experience others with a shared intention for a greater quality of connection than may otherwise be available, for many, there is a sense of community. And, these events, at times may barely scratch the surface of what is possible in connection. Something that an intimate group, meeting on a consistent basis, growing these relationships, building trust and relaxing into connection and vulnerability has a much better chance of revealing.

As such, we invite you to join the next intimate group of 8 for 6-weeks of sessions where we stretch and build on these muscles and use them in relationship with ourselves and others in the group.

And lastly, some testimonials from past Core series.

"The Core [Series] experience was extremely enriching for my life. It allowed me to deepen my authentic relating skills and connect more deeply with other members in a way that would[n't] otherwise be possible. The breadth and depth was just right to take my authentic relating experience to the next level. Both Taylor and Joanna were phenomenal leaders and facilitators"
- Will (business owner/consultant)

"In Core, I had the opportunity to express parts of myself that I haven't been able to before [due to the] presence of caring and interested listeners, as well as to offer that to the other participants. This helped me to gain insights into myself that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Joanna and Taylor led by example by being vulnerable and sharing their own struggles with the group."
- Cameron (sales representative)

"[Core] allowed me to form deep connections with people who I met there and deepen the connections I had with the people I already knew."
- Kevin (software developer)

"Core was an incredible experience where I felt truly seen and was able to learn how to provide that space for others. Provocatively vulnerable and honest, Core allowed me to identify blind spots in the way that I relate to others, so that I could better show up in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend the experience!"
- Cherry (teacher)
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