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Leadership isn't about knowing everything, it's about trust and committment to the process...


Joanna is a Relationship Coach, ART Council member and ART certified Circling, T-Group and Connection Lab facilitator and course leader. As a coach she focuses on the relationship with self first in order to better integrate relationships with others. Her aim is to make herself obsolete in her clients' lives by empowering them with relational tools to move forward with trust. She has been an ART member since 2012 though it took her six months before she gained the courage to attend an event. Once she did, her life shifted dramatically and now she's made it her mission to not let others wait as long as she did.

Taylor is a realist and a leader with a history of creating or discovering passions and attracting people to them. Eight years ago, following the separation with his ex-wife, he attended an Authentic Relating event with little expectation and no attachment to the outcome, He was simply there to try being open to something new. What came out of that was a blind-siding experience that immediately impacted the way his (then) new girlfriend and him communicated, rapidly accelerating intimacy and trust in their relationship. Fully sold on the potential of this approach, along with his (now) wife and partner, Joanna, they committed further to working, training and now leading community in this modality of authentic relational leadership.


There are several other ART-Certified Circling and T-Group facilitators, some run events under ART, some run their own events. Depending on the ART event and sometimes depending on who's in attendance, the event organizers may use other ART-Certified (or ART-Recognized Third-Party Certified) facilitators to run a portion of the event.

If you're interested in supporting ART events, as a facilitator or not, please get in touch with us in the Facebook Group or sign-up for an upcoming leadership training.
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