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Do you want to hone your self-awareness and interaction skills?

"T"-Group: Training Group, or Sensitivity Training Group.

Are you longing to have authentic, meaningful and intimate relating experiences?

WHAT IS "T" Group?: The spirit of the game is to get curious about the emotional impact you have on others and vice versa, notice what is arising in each moment, minimizing distractions like opinions, stories, past tense and defensiveness. There is no agenda and no task, nothing to do and nothing to talk about except what is going on in the group. It is an opportunity for the members to examine their own internal processes when in a social situation and also to examine the processes of the group. With the task and agenda absent, those processes may be examined in the clear.

"T" Group is: a relational practice (for a specific, in-the-moment kind of relating), meditation (being with whatever may arise), stubbornly committed to the present moment, sometimes pretty intense and uniquely different every single time.

"T" Group is not: therapy or a bitch session (negative emotions are welcome, but you agree to care about the impact your speaking has on others).

T-Group makes an excellent compliment to Circling.
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