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"We are always in a perpetual state of being created and creating ourselves." - Dr. Dan Siegel

Master Circle is a multi-level deep dive relational leadership series.

Upcoming Dates: Level 1 - Late 2019/Early 2020

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela

With that in mind, we invite you to enter a powerful developmental space we call Master Circle where you will dive deep to access your full potential.

Our mission for this course is to cultivate embodied relational leadership. Leadership that's not about memorizing a list of things to 'do', but leadership where you integrate principles into your very being. Simply by being more you, more whole, your fullest expression becomes an example to others and the world.

And to get to that place, we have to better know ourselves and the best way to do that is in relationship. The brain is very good at keeping us comfortable but in relationship we can't avoid being impacted and we can't avoid our part in creating impact. Therefore, we'll explore the depths of ourselves with 7 to 9 others while gaining clarity of what drives us. We will work towards acceptance, appreciation and even love of what is.

Through exploring: core principles, developmental theory and participating and practicing in a leading edge development process called Circling, we'll begin to recognize and identify the behaviours that hold us back from authentic expression and visceral and vulnerable contact with others.

Throughout the course we'll endeavour to trust our experience, work through our fear and support each other to stay in connection during the difficult moments.

In this space, we will gain access to more perspective, more choice and more freedom; and it's from this place that we can begin to call ourselves leaders.

A Note about Level 2:
A key part of the Master Circle course is the introduction to and integration of philisophical and psychological theory with the addition of an ever increasing layer of challenge through accountability for the intentions of the course. Indivduals tend to integrate and respond to these challenges at different rates and this is quite conscious in the structure and progression of the Level 1 course. However, in Level 2, in an effort to maintain potentcy and value for the space, participation works on an invite-only basis. The criteria being largely based on one's progress in the Level 1 course and their post-course integration.

As a result consider Level 2 not as a continuation of Level 1 (though it is a pre-requisite) but as separate space, that shares the same intention. Level 1 and 2 are priced and scheduled separate from one another and we could easily have three Level 1's before we offer the next Level 2.

A Note about Circling Training:
Master Circle is not a training in the practice of Circling, and yet indirectly, it is. Your experience in Master Circle will greatly contribute to the quality and potential of your facilitation over Circling Training alone. Part of circling facilitation is about supporting others in the process, contextually Master Circle is about supporting yourself.

What can you expect?
  • Increased self awareness and clarity
  • Discovery of relational blind-spots and how they impact the quality of connection you desire with others
  • The capacity to deepen existing relationships
  • A powerful way to listen and hear others
  • How to express yourself more fully in relationship

What's Included?
Level 1
  • Three live (in-person), three day weekends in Toronto
  • Three live and recorded online group calls (Wednesday Evenings)
  • Two One-on-One Relationship Coaching sessions with Joanna
  • Fee-Waived entry into any and all Connection Lab or Circling events during the Master Circle course dates.
  • Weekly partner calls with other course participants
  • Homework/Action steps between Live and Online sessions
  • Deep Discount for a 5-Week Circling Fundamentals Training where you can learn the fundamentals of Circling and get direct training and feedback on your Circling practice.
Level 2 (Invite Only)
  • Three live (in-person) weekends in Toronto (Dates: TBA)
  • Three live and recorded online group calls (Wednesday Evenings)
  • Weekly partner calls with other course participants
  • Homework/Action steps between Live and Online sessions

Next Steps?
Contact us on Facebook, Meetup or at authenticto(at) to arrange a conversation to see if the Master Circle course is right for you and that you are ready to take full advantage of this offering.
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